Power Switch Installation

There are two methods of connecting the Power Switch on the HL2+.  Links to each can be found below where the process for each method is described.

Method 2 requires working with two 0603 SMT components.  It is understood that this may beyond the capability of some users.  Method 1 is provided for those users.

The main reason one might consider Method 2 is the power switch 3A current rating.  In transmit at 5W, the HL2+ requires 1.3A, that is 43% of the switch rating, which is fine, but Method 2 avoids the switch carrying that current.

1. The first method is simple and does nothing more than interrupt the power to the main board.  It's not elegant technically, but works fine.  With this method, the power switch will carry the full current of the HL2+, which is highest when transmitting.

Installation Instructions for Method #1

2. The second method is technically elegant.  It controls one of the HL2 regulators.  The power switch simply controls the regulator enable pin, telling the regulator to turn on, or to turn off.  Virtually no power is handled by the power switch in this arrangement, thus its elegance.

Installation Instructions for Method #2