Hardrock-50 Power Amplifier

Hardrock-50 Amplifiers with Rev. G and earlier Rear Panels have a Solder Jumper, SJ305 which connects HR50 5V to DB9 pin 1.  On these rear panels, SJ305 must be jumped.  On Rev. I Rear Panels, there is a Polyfuse, F301 which connects HR50 to DB9 pin 1.  On this rear panel, nothing needs to be done.  

In all cases, please check HR-50 DB9 pin 1 for the presence of 5V before attempting to control the amp with your HL2+.  Please note that the HR-50 Rear Panel revision is not the same as what comes up on the HR-50 display when the HR-50 is powered up.


Hardrock-50 Menu Settings for use with the HL2+:

1. ACC Baud Rate: 9600  (HL2 Plus Baud Rate)

2. KX3 Serial: No  (Yes inverts the data coming from the HL2 Plus)

3. FT-817 Mode: No

The correct DB9 cable to use between your HL2+ and the Hardrock-50 is a straight through “regular” M-F serial cable.