Gateware Update

New Gateware is necessary to add the new audio signal paths and functions to the Hermes Lite 2 Plus.  Using SparkSDR makes it easy.  Below are links to HL2+ gateware download, gateware installation instructions, and using SparkSDR to check the version of gateware once uploaded loaded into your HL2+.  You should check the loaded version following an update to be sure that your installation was successful.

Please note: After gateware update, you must power cycle the HL2+ brfore verifying the new gateware has successfully been programmed.

Gateware Download

Gateware Update Instructions

Checking Gateware Version - Bring up the Radio Settings screen by clicking on the three dots in the upper right area of SparkSDR.  GW version is shown in the lower left area of the Radio Settings screen General tab.

- Because main and AK4951 variant GW version numbers are the same since version 74, positive verification of GW version with SparkSDR is now more difficult.

 - After variant GW programming with SparkSDR, power cycle the HL2+ and check for audio on the HL2+ PHONES jack as the means to determine if the variant GW has been successfully programmed.  Another method to check is to plug a CW paddle into the HL2+ KEY jack and check for CW keyer operation (Iambic selected in Thetis CW menu and Thetis in CW mode).

- If audio is not present and/or the CW keyer is not working, follow the GW update instructions again to program an earlier GW version such as 73p3_testing_release_ak4951v3_variant_hl2b5up.rbf, power cycle the HL2+ and check for 73p3 GW version.  Then, repeat the process for 74p2 AK4951 variant GW, power cycle the HL2+ and check for 74p2 GW version.  This method provides positive verification that the variant GW has been programmed.